Aoki KippuenYuhigaura Onsen

Aoki Kippuen



Water properties and effects

Name of Onsen
Yuhigaura Hamazume Onsen
Simple alkaline spring (hypotonic hot spring)
Therapeutic effects
Helps relieve rheumatic disorders,
neurological pain, and fatigue. Helps promote recovery from illness and has beautifying effects.
Bath hours
24 hours per day
Bath toiletries
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer

Outlook open-air bath

Relax and unwind in any of our luxurious baths including the large bath areas and the "Ai-no Yu" and "Akane-no Yu" open-air baths on the rooftops. Enjoy the bath while taking in the amazing view of the Japan Sea that has a different look in each season.

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